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Angie Eril

Only thing you need to be to appreciate this vid is female. :]


We loves our little gay blood elves, yes we does.

((No, I'm still not alive, this is my ghost typing while I make the climb from lvl 66 to 70 and beyond. :} ))
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Angie Eril
You scored as Hokuto. You are most like Hokuto from Tokyo Babylon! Bubbly, cute, and the life of the party, you've probably got tons of friends from all walks of life. (And agendas of setting them all up with their perfect matches.) You tend to see the best in people, even when they cannot see it in themselves, and that truly makes you one of a kind. But you may want to avoid any and all sociopathic veterinarians... just to be on the safe side.























Who is your inner CLAMP character?
created with QuizFarm.com

Timmy... You got 100% on yours... Should I be worried?
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Angie Eril
13 April 2007 @ 05:50 pm
Finally went to go see TMNT today. Ended up spending all my spare cash on various forms of junk at the same time (Anthony Keidis' autobio, couple Pratchet books, "For The Horde" t-shirt (damn you Hot Topic!! >.<*), etc.). I have the following to say:


And Leo has leadership angst... this plucks at my heart with pointy little chopsticks, it does. Donny is still lovably nerdy and Mikey is even goofier than I remember him being. And Raph... Raph, Raph, Raph... dear, lovable, friendly neighbourhood angst-bucket. Angry little angst-bucket too...

In quick retropsect, the whole thing was a wee bit focused on Leo and Raph doing their best to drive the sibling rivalry scale through the roof. Just a wee bit.

...It's probably a damn good thing the theater was mostly empty because I was squirming in my seat and making weird hand gestures and being a very uncontrolled movie-goer in general the entire time. ^-^
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Angie Eril
07 April 2007 @ 08:35 pm
Hippo Birdie Two Me!
Hippo Birdie Two Me!
Hippo Birdie Deer Angie!
Hippo Birdie Two Me!

(And May Knee Moooor~)

...no. I'm still not back on the internet at large. A combination of warcrap guildies (really only one in particular but he should count for about three) and the distinct possibility of developing an actual social life (LE GASP!) have conspired to beat out my entire alter ego and this is only being posted becuase I'm being taken out to dinner in about 15 minutes and the showers are all full right now. Go figure. =/

[warcrap note: hit and passed lvl 40! Ah Lubs Me Battlechicken! =3]
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Angie Eril
14 March 2007 @ 09:43 pm

I have not posted much here recently, have I? Don't have too much of an excuse, but, for the sake of sorting these things out into nice, neat little boxed, I'll be listing my excuses anyways.

Excuses for Neglect of Livejournal:


No. 1 : Warcrap.

Yes, this thing really does eat your life. Just say no, kiddies; it's almost as bad as drugs. But seriously, most of the reason I've been on it so much has been my guild, which I may have babbled about earlier.

No. 2 : Object Lesson Part 2: Implied Force

Much less fun than the Object Lesson in drawing. >.> I Do Not Like having to work on a small scale with limited suplies of a particular color of cardboard. I especially Do Not Like having to glue things together in places that would normally require two pairs of tweezers to even reach, let alone apply Mod Podge.

...I really, really should have brought the brush part of the set with me. Just so I could stick 'em all together and be motivated.


No. 3 : Werk. :P

Yes, shocking *resists desire to make a bad Larxene joke*. It seriously cuts into my internet time on weekends. But, then again, that internet time would likely be devoted to Warcrap in any case (see long rant-like thing above).

On the plus side, I got my first, measly little pay check. Now I feel a lot less guilty about going to Cactus Records last week. I bought another R.E.M. album (I seem to be going through an R.E.M. phase involving all but the first album of theirs I heard), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack (because it was there *bricked* X_x) and... I swear there's one morebutit'snotinfrontofmeandIcan'trememberit. u.u *shaaaaaaame*


So why am I posting this now? Because I'm in my grandparent's new house (helping them move, sorta... I don't think I'm doing much work...) and I can sorta-kinda mooch off an un-locked wireless conncetion around here. It's not stable enough for me to try hooking up to Warcraft on otherwise I'd be doing that. Instead, I'm doing this and puttering about ff.net on a very weak, starved WillxJack kick (a very, very difficult kick to keep alive, I must say). It would be a resurgence of my Jak kick but I brough the wrong memory card and ended up playing Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage again. ^-^ Taking me a bit to get the hang of the controls again but I still love this game.

[energy: been about 4/10 since I got up. Grandma thinks I should go see if I'm anemic or something, because there's a chance I might be]
[hunger: mmmm... bagles]
[boredom: why is there this tendancy to never do anything majorly AU in the PotC fandom? wry I say! =/ ]
[misc: my neck hurts... using laptops as actual 'lap-tops' sucks]
[misc 2: have promised to introduce grandmother properly to wonders of heavy metal cellos, heard them on the classical music program on the radio the other day, was very amused]
[misc 3: ...Dude, Where's My Ring? XD]
[misc 4: only those who have read that fic have any chance of getting this]
[misc 5: ...panties!!! *snickers quietly in corner*]

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Angie Eril

@.@ Garbage disposal broke down during lunch today. 'Twas very ouch. We ended up rinsing the old fashioned way and getting backed up to our necks with dirty plates and bowls for about half an hour. A wonderful example of organised chaos.


Warcrap Rantings: I HATE fighting premades in battlegrounds. >.<# And it's kinda nice that the allies are learning the benefits of a solid defense but it'd also be real nice if people would listen when we're trying to get an organized midfield offense going. Lost two bgs in a row to the damn turtle tactics...

On the other hand, had a real nice kill count at the end of it all. And going into bgs with fellow twinks and guildmates is hella fun, even if ya lose. =]

...Must. Have. Basilisk Hide Pants. They are a Rogue's and Hunter's wet dream come true. =]

Have not complained about snow in some time... *glares out window* God-fucking-damn snow... <.<*

[hunger: 4/10]
[energy:7/10 finally got a full night's sleep]
[creativity: 2/10 very drained... it's all the damn cardboard's fault!! >.<*]
[fangirlism: ??/10]
[misc: =\ feeling questionable...]

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Angie Eril
24 February 2007 @ 02:18 am
This is Especially Bad when it involves me listening to Azure Ray, Tori Amos, Tracy Chapman and Alanis Morissette on repeat while simultaneously putting myself through Conner-Therapy with Visiting Hours at 2:20 in the morning and Not inhaling vast amounts of mod podge fumes like I'm supposed to be doing because I've given up on getting the damn palette to co-operate and be salvagelable so I'm just going to have to go dumpsterdiving again tomorrow and make a new one. The paintbrush is being rebelious and the tube of pain is being a typical child prodigy and doing lord-only-knows-what. And I really don't care if there aren't enough breathing points in my sentences and you could die from lack of oxygen trying to read them. I really, really don't. Because they get across how I'm feeling. All worn out and paper-thin. Like an old, old paper kite that is long-due to get caught on a dead branch and get ripped to shreds. And all I want to do is crawl under my comforter and sleep for the rest of forever. Because then I can just be there in the warm and the quiet with nice, quiet dreams of pleasant things and beach sand. And I'd really like to forget that there are people out in teh world who wonder about me because I sometimes feel guilty about not stopping to wonder about them and they might worry if I slept for forever and never woke up.

And if I forget about them, I can sleep without feeling guilty. Because I don't want to be nice and kind and giving and thoughtful right now. I want to be small and petty and selfish and just let the world wash away and start over. I'm tired and confused and I'm crying when I sing these songs. Because they're beautiful and painful and pain is really one of the only things that can never be too real. You can't really make fake pain, like you can have fake love or fake friendship. And they aren't even really fake anyways, not the ones we feel. But we compare them to ideas of love and friendship that are just too all-encompasing to ever be really real. The love that people sing about on the radio; that's fake love. The deep, soul friendship that you read about in that book; that's fake friendship. They're dreams and wishes that we want to believe are real but all they end up doing is driving us to fits of early morning manic depressiveness and serious abuse of our music collections.

And I have work from 11:00 am onwards tomorrow, so I should probably go to sleep at some point. Working the dishroom. It's more fun than working line, and you don't have to do customer-service type stuff. And I'm trying to write stuff right now but it's just not happening like I want.

][ Edit, circa 4:07 am ][

Terrrrrrrryyyyy! I love you and Conner shares my sentiments and you are wonderful and sexy and such very good angst-relief after chapter 1 and the Pain That Is Conner's Life.

And now I can go to sleep thinking happy thoughts and ignoring the disatser zone of corrugated paper and glue that is 1/6 of my room. *sighs happily* Terrrrry! ^-^
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Angie Eril
21 February 2007 @ 04:57 pm

The collective known as Life is having lots of fun whupping my ass right now. This is part of my excuse for not having finished that bastard!fic already. The rest of my excuse was that the entireity of my weekend was consumed trying to get through Jak X as fast as possible.

There is a distinct possibility that to apologize for the lateness and have at least something to show for it there will be a wee side-fic thing involving a shower and some mental rambling on the part of Jak. Because shower monologues are easy and fun. And not conducive to run-on sentences. Which are a problem large enough that my art teacher is trying to get me to work on them.

...would really, really, really like to sleep but can't let myself. x_x

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Angie Eril
20 February 2007 @ 02:52 pm
...emphasis on 'obsessive'. <.<;

My brainclone's ex-boyfrined called three times tonight and seems to be flirting with me. He is very crude and vulgar and greatly amusing and we (brainclone and I) spent a great deal of the last two hours rolling around giggling at him (he was on speakerphone on her cell). During this time I met a pair of neon-yellow softballs and named them Lemon Drop and Sherbet and had about half an hour of ADOS time with them (Attention Deficit-- Ooooh, Shiny!). Brainclone's carpet was rumpled in the process.

][ Jak X Progress ][

-Red Eco Cup

Complete! All Golds! (Except for that one death match race that will definitely require a new twink car (I can't even get a bronze in that one!) and the precursor temple time freezer... which is insane, even for this game.) 

Estimated time: 8 hours-ish. Had faaaaaar too much fun twinking my ride. x3

I've discovered that I cannot efectively drive a car once its possible top speed goes past a certain point (namely, four bars) because it just becomes waaaaay too hard for me to control. u.u I do greatly enjoy the amount of booster time I have on my Class 1 twink car though. x3 Winning the second qualifier took forever but I got the cup in one try thanks to Sig blowing up UR-86 in such a nice, timely manner. Thank you Siggy! ^-^

-Green Eco Cup

Almost there... <.<* Stupid Kleiver. Beat my Grand Prix score by 2 points...

Still having fun twniking my rides. x3 NOT having fun with the time freeze runs...

][ /Jak X Progress ][

Have been introduced to brainclone's long lost siamese twin... sorta. He is tall and blond and his hair reminds me of Prince Charming from Shrek 2. Brainclone and he were very amused when I told them this. He also wears cowboy boots a lot so for the first several hours after meeting him my brain wanted to plant a big, fat, neon blue sticker on his ass that read 'SWISHY!' (my brain died several times trying to translate his body language and getting hung up on the hips @.@). He is very amusing and is both extremely refined and wonderfully crude all at once. x3

Also, have had first shift in dishroom (or, as my aunt calls it, being a professional pearl diver) and had way too much fun. They forgot to tell me about the plastic apron so when I got done my entier front side from my boobs down was soaked or had been soaked at some point. <3 Fuuuuuuun...

Have discovered Red Jumpsuit Appartus. x3 There will be shopping in the future...

And now I need to go have a shower, ja.
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Angie Eril
17 February 2007 @ 11:17 pm
1 - I am NEVER signing up for another 8 hour shift on line. Ever. Again. *footdeth*

2 - I am never running all the way avcross campus in the cold, dry winter air ever again either. *lungdeth*

3 - Nashi, Blu, anyone else to whom this may be applicable, very sorry for ripping off your word here but I HAV FOUND MAH BRAINCLONE! xD

4 - said brainclone has a TV, which will be severly amused ][ Edit ][ ABUSED! Abused, damnit! >.<* ][ /Edit ][ tomorrow morning.

5 - This means I am going to try and get through all of Jak X before Wednesday and will likely pay attention to nothing else.

6 - This in turn means it will take even longer for me to finish writing teh bastard!fic than it already is. *is shot. repeatedly*

7 - coughHACKwheeeeze!! x_X I feel like I wanna barf up my lungs... ech...

8 - The Fray = very bad for willpower and IQ when played repeatedly over a number of days... X_x
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